10 Minute DIY: Letter Corkboards For Your Flair

Sometimes I do little projects for myself or for the studio in my free time that I don’t normally document for a DIY on the blog, but since I know a lot of you have an enamel pin (or better known as flair) collection, I wanted to show you what I made to display mine and keep them organized. So today’s project is a 10 minute DIY that’s not only fun, but practical too! Dump out your jewelry box and grab the paint, you’re about to find out a much better way to keep your #pingame strong!


Cork sheet or corkboard
Craft paint in various colors
Hot glue gun
Illustration board



1. Draw out the letters you want to use on a piece of paper.

2. Cut out the letters and trace them onto your corkboard with a sharpie.

3. Cut the letters out the corkboard.

4. With your illustration board, cut out 1/2″ strips and hot glue them along the outer edges of your cork letters.

5. Paint the letters the color of your choosing.

6. Once the letters are dry, attach to the wall with a hammer and nail and hang up your flair!


Who else has a rad pin collection?! Well, now you have the perfect way to show them off, and they don’t have to be cluttered in your jewelry drawer anymore! (I was guilty of keeping mine jumbled up in a box. Ha!)

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