“I Heart Mom” Tattoo Mini Cakes For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and if you don’t already have some fun desserts planned to give your Mom, we’re showing you how to make “I Heart Mom” tattoo mini cakes that will be sure to get a laugh and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! Even though I know they’re super cheesy now, I’ve always loved Mom tattoos. They’re such an iconic image, a great way to show your love for Mom, and now they’re perfect for Mother’s Day cakes too. So if you aren’t quite ready to get some permanent ink like this, you can bake it up and eat it in cake form instead! Ha! Find the how-to below!



Silicone heart mold (here)
Cake mix
Pink frosting
White fondant
Flower sugar accents (here)
Black food coloring marker


1. Spray your silicone mold with a non-stick spray and follow the instructions on the cake mix to bake your heart-shaped cakes. 

2. Once they have been removed from the oven, allow them to cool completely. 

3. Cover the cakes with pink frosting and allow to sit until the frosting is mostly dry.

4. In the meantime, roll out your white fondant to 1/4″ thickness and cut out a banner shape. Stick the banner onto the top of the heart cake. 

5. Add the sugar flowers in 2 corners of the heart and press down to make sure they stick. 

6. With the black food coloring marker, write the word “mom” in a tattoo style font across the banner.

Do any of you have an actual Mom tattoo?! I have an enamel pin version just like this and it’s definitely one of my favorite pins! Hope all you Moms have a fun Mother’s Day!

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