How To Make Rainbow Swirl Ice Cream

We are totally going to make all of your rainbow unicorn dreams come true today because we’re showing you how to make your own RAINBOW SWIRL ice cream, and it’s SO much easier than buying an ice cream machine with a built in swirl function! I know you’re going to want to try out all of the color combinations now, I know I do. No ice cream is safe from the swirled effect now under my watch! And just imagine all of the flavor combinations you could do! I’m thinking a peanut butter, chocolate, and banana swirl is in the near future for me. Grab all of the ice cream in your freezer, we’re about to get wild and swirl them all together!!



Vanilla ice cream
Gel food coloring in blue, pink, and yellow
Wilton color swirl coupler (here)
Piping bags
Ice cream cones


1. With vanilla ice cream, put 3 equal parts into three bowls. Color each of the bowls of ice cream a different color. I went with pink, yellow, and blue. (Note: You can also make your own ice cream and add in the food coloring while making it. I made three batches of soft serve ice cream using this machine.)

2. Place the ice cream back in the freezer to re-freeze.

3. Once the ice cream is frozen again, place each color into a different piping bag and fit on a piping tip and the 3 color swirl coupler.

4. Pipe the ice cream into your cone in a spiral motion, and you have yourself some homemade rainbow swirl ice cream!




What colors are you guys going to use for your swirl? I’ve always wondered how I could achieve that ice cream truck vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream at home, and this technique would totally work for that too! And if you need a crazy ice cream cone idea to go along with your sweet treat, how about a chocolate chip cookie ice cream cone?!

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