DIY Junk Food Manicure Using Watercolor Paint

If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been CRAZY about nail art this whole year. I used to bite my nails, so now that they’re long and actually nice again, I love to keep fun designs on them. When my favorite nail loving gal pal, Gracie, showed me that you can apply watercolor paint to your nails, I knew we had to tell you about it and show you some fun design options! And what else is totally perfect to put on my nails than junk food?! You’re definitely going to want a dozen donuts after seeing these, so stop at the donut shop on the way to get your watercolor paint palette. Ha! This design is just for you to get some ideas, but the possibilities using this technique are endless! Let’s dive in!



Thick top coat
Base coat
White nail polish
Watercolor palette
Precision nail art brush
Small cup of water
Nail buffer



1. Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles, filing and shaping nails, and removing any previous polish.

2. Apply an even base coat over the nail and allow to dry. Once that is dried, apply the white polish on the nails that you will be watercolor painting.

3. Apply a top coat and buff the top coat once it has dried so that the watercolor will stick to it.

4. Paint your design on the nail with the watercolor paint and the nail art brush. Allow to dry completely. Make sure not to use too much water or else the colors will run on the nail.

5. Once the watercolor is completely dry, apply a thick top coat very quickly. Don’t press too hard on the nail with the brush when applying the top coat. Allow the top coat to dry completely and apply again.

(Above are some ideas of things you can can make with watercolor paint nail art, but the possibilities are endless!)


Nails by Gracie J. of The Editorial Nail

Be right back, I need to go get a slice of pizza now because these nails are making me HUNGRY! Are you ready to try out watercolor painting on your nails? It’s so much easier than painting with nail polish and you can easily fix mistakes with water!

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