DIY Emoji Lollipop Balloons

This is one of those projects that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually photograph and post, but why not show you the projects that didn’t turn out exactly as planned too?? You guys wanted me to attempt the rainbow lollipop emoji as a balloon, so the emoji lollipop balloon was born! I definitely had a different picture in my head of how this would look, but sometimes the vision doesn’t always become a reality, right? They still turned out cute, but I think this will be a project redo sometime in the future. Ha! Anyways, it’s a super quick and easy DIY that’s perfect for all of you with a sweet tooth!



White foil balloons
Acrylic paint
Small paintbrush
Beige construction paper
Hot glue gun


1. Inflate your balloons. Paint spirals on the front in a rainbow pattern. Allow to dry completely.

2. Cut out a “popsicle stick” shape in beige construction paper and hot glue it to the bottom of the balloon. It’s as easy as that!!


What other emojis do you want to see me attempt in balloon form?! I think the crystal ball emoji would be AH-mazing as a balloon! What do you guys think?

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