Weekend Round-Up!

I got THE BEST sequin princess dress in the mail this week from the folks at Asos, and it just so happened to match perfectly with my glitter manicure. If I could do prom over again, this is what I’d wear! Pink and glitter are like my go-to now!!

This weekend is going to be super laid back here. I’m prepping for next week and for meetings, and I just started up a show called Awkward (definitely a guilty pleasure because this show is ridiculous), so I’ll be most likely binge watching the newest season. In other news, I’m all out of ideas for I Spy!! So until I come up with a fun, new game for our Friday posts, let me know if you have any ideas for I Spy themes that you’re dying to see! I’ve already totally exhausted my prop closet. Maybe it’s just time to buy more props (wink!)

Fun things on the Internet this week…

Have you seen the pool float donuts we made?! Check them out!

I’m obsessed with this office chair DIY, but you can’t blame me because it’s pink fur

This dress is the sister dress to the one pictured above, and it’s just as cute

To get you ready for those sunnier days, you should try out some DIY daisy sunglasses

To help you combat those rainy April days ahead

Rainbow striped swimsuit anyone? I’m totally ready for Summer!

I’d love to have these giant lollipops around just for decoration

What are you guys up to this weekend? Busy weekend ahead or lots of chill time? I know one of our stops this weekend will be to try out the macaron donut from Francois Payard!!!

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