Weekend Round-Up + I Spy!

I finally have a new I Spy this week, and I’m so excited to share that it’s by one of my favorite Instagrammers, Creative Kipi! Marjorie, the genius behind Creative Kipi, recently started a series called #findbabyrainbow where she hides a rainbow in the shot for everyone to find, and I thought her photo would be perfect to feature this week for our game of I Spy! So this week you’re looking for a baby RAINBOW!! And you should go check out more of Marjorie’s work on her Instagram and blog.

We’re having a little staycation this weekend at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square, and I’m trying to wrap everything up today so I can truly have a weekend of relaxation and no work. I always say I’m not going to work on the weekend and I usually end up working non-stop, but this time I mean it…maybe. Ha! I’m not sure what our plans will be yet, but we have one more film to go to at the Tribeca Film Festival before we’re done for the year. I’ve been sharing my TFF opinions over on my Snapchat this week, have you guys been following along? Did any of you go this year too?? Anyways, here are some links for your weekend!

Fun things on the Internet this week…

Did you see these cookie ice cream cones? Taking ice cream to a new level

This ying yang bag definitely needs to be added to my novelty bag collection

I want someone to throw me a party and for it to look exactly like this

These might be the cutest sunglasses I’ve ever seen

You know how much I love pinatas, and these pillows are so cool

Did you see my photo on Instagram’s search & explore page this week?!

To go pink, or not to go pink, that’s always the constant question of the week

Did you guys find the baby rainbow in Marjorie’s photo?! Let me know in the comments when you’ve found it! Have a great weekend!

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