Pool Float Donuts DIY

I know, I know, it’s not Summer yet, but I am seriously longing for warmer days. And after I saw my Insta pal Alyson of Bash Studio‘s flamingo donuts, I knew I had to make pool floats donuts that look like all of the crazy cool pool floats that are trending right now! I mean, have you seen the rainbow unicorn pool float?! It’s amazing, and it could only be more amazing in donut form! If you’ve ever wanted to float in the pool on a swan while eating a donut that looks exactly like the float you’re on, you’ve come to the right place. Now let’s all get together for a collective pray for warmer weather. Ha!


Your favorite donuts
Gel food coloring
Small paintbrush

1. Color portions of your fondant pink, yellow, and orange and leave some of it white.

2. Treating the fondant like clay, roll out the pink to make the flamingo neck, wings, and tail and leave out overnight to dry. Attach to the donut with a toothpick. Repeat these steps for the parts of the swan and the unicorn.

3. To make the details on each donut, roll out a white beak for the flamingo, an orange beak for the swan, and a yellow horn for the unicorn. Attach them to the other pieces of fondant with a little bit of water.

4. With your small paintbrush and gel food coloring, paint on the eyes and rainbow colors on the unicorn. 

Which pool floats are you longing for? I definitely need a giant pretzel and a giant watermelon now! I’ll be munching on a flamingo pool float donut if you need me.

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