Letter-Shaped Pretzels For National Pretzel Day

Did you guys know it’s National Pretzel Day tomorrow?!?! I know these National food holidays are getting a little out of hand, but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love pretzels! Plus, this DIY project is not just a how-to for making your run-of-the-mill pretzel because these ones are shaped like letters! Whoever said not to play with your food obviously hadn’t seen letter pretzels. You’re going to be twisted for these (I could go on all day with the pretzel puns. Ha!), so let’s dig in to these babies and celebrate National Pretzel Day with a little bit of flair. And don’t be salty if your guy or gal finishes them off before you get any, they’re really that good! 

Find the full tutorial on Brit + Co! Are you guys fans of salt on pretzels or no salt? I’m a salt kinda gal! Don’t forget to find out where you can get some free pretzels to snack on tomorrow. Happy National Pretzel Day!

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