DIY Heart-Shaped Cinema Lightbox

This is one of those ideas that once I have it, I have to do everything I possibly can to figure out how to make it. I’ve been seeing these lightboxes EVERYWHERE lately (I even bought a black and white rectangular one), but we all know I’m a color lover, so these boring ones just weren’t going to cut it! SO of course I had to make a hot pink heart-shaped one instead! And believe it or not, this project is so much easier to DIY than shell out the $40-$60 to buy one at the store. Your wallet will be thanking us. What are you waiting for, you’ve got one cool desk accessory to make!!


White illustration board
Heart template
Hot glue gun
Battery powered lights
White plexiglass or thin white plastic (here)
Report cover binding bars (here)
Pink paint
Clear plastic (here)
Letter stickers
Super glue


1. Using your heart template, cut a heart shape out of your illustration board. Cut a 2″ wide strip out of the same illustration board, wrap around the heart you just cut, and glue it in place.

2. Cut small holes in the back so you can turn on your battery powered lights. 

3. Paint the whole thing pink and allow time to dry. Once it is dried, attach the lights to the inside with hot glue or super glue. 

4. Using the same heart template, cut a heart out of your white piece of plastic. Super glue this to the pink heart base. 

5. Line your plastic presentation clips along the front of the heart, placing them about 2″ apart. Hot glue in place.

6. With your clear plastic, cut out rectangles that are 2″ x 3″ and stick a letter on each.

7. Slap a phrase on your lightbox and you’ve got a fun, new desk accessory!

Photography & Creative Direction: Aww Sam // Project Execution: Nova Megantara 

What phrase are you going to put on your lightbox? Some other options for you would be “carbs forever”, “girl power”, and “fri-yay”! 

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