DIY Coloring Book Pages + Printable Coloring Pages

Are you ready to channel your inner kid?!? One trend that I hadn’t tried out was adult coloring books, mostly because I couldn’t find a cute enough coloring book to use! But what if you could turn whatever image you wanted into a coloring page? Well we’re showing you how to make your own AND I’m giving you 5 free printable coloring book pages that I made too. You can literally take whatever images you want and compile them into your own, super rad coloring book. The photo you took of your awesome breakfast donuts yesterday? Boom, coloring book page! Make sure to download my pages at the end of the post too!!


Lightbox (here)
Printer paper
Colored pencils


1. Print out whatever photo you want to turn into a coloring book page. 

2. Place the photo on a lightbox (a window also works as light for tracing if you don’t have a lightbox) and trace the image onto a sheet of printer paper. 

3. Go over your pencil lines with a sharpie or a dark marker.

4. Use a scanning app or your camera to take a photo of the finished page. Save it as a .jpg so you can have multiples. 

5. If you have Adobe Illustrator, put the photo into Illustrator and use the Image Trace feature to get cleaner lines for your coloring page. Note: this is not necessary and just an extra step to make your page cleaner. 

6. Print out your page, grab your colored pencils, and get coloring!

I had SO much fun with this project, and it’s a blast seeing your photos come to life as an illustration! Do you already have some photos in mind that you want to use?

DOWNLOAD my printable coloring pages here!!!!

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  1. omg never knew that coloring book can be trace out like. love it! check me out on instagram @ohitsgeorgina

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