Weekend Round-Up + I Spy!

Whew! This week’s been a crazy one!! But we made it to Friday! I actually managed to finish a lot this week, but there’s still more to do this weekend. What I don’t really share that often with you guys is that I do all of the crafting, styling, photography, and editing for each project, and it’s a lot of work! So in most of my photos (especially the ones I’m in), there’s a hidden remote tucked away somewhere. I usually have to press the self-timer and quickly throw the remote out of the frame. Ha! Any week where I’m able to finish 5 posts plus all of my freelance photography, that only those who follow along on Snapchat see, is a good week. 🙂

This weekend, or rather all day today, is going to be filled with a House Of Cards marathon because there’s a new season!! Are you guys caught up yet? I also have brunch plans tomorrow with a group of really awesome ladies, most of whom I’ve never met, so that will definitely be a highlight of my weekend! Anyways, from your feedback, I’ve gathered that you’re lovin’ these I Spy photos, so I have another one for you with stickers!! This week you’re looking for:

1. The Word “NOPE”

2. A Disco Ball

3. A Cupcake

4. A Hand Giving The Peace Sign

Leave a comment below when you’ve found everything, but don’t give away where it all is for everyone else!! All of the stickers are from the amazing ladies over at Ban.do! Do you guys miss the weekend links? Should I start doing I Spy plus links??

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