DIY Typography Sand Art Easter Eggs

As it turns out, Easter is really early this year (how did this happen?! it seems like Valentine’s Day was just yesterday), which means Easter projects are in full swing around here. Since literally every egg decorating project has been done, I had to throw it back to come up with these typography SAND ART eggs!! These are so much fun to make, and if you’re like me and never want to give them up, you can even use craft eggs to keep them around as decoration. Sand art was the jam when I was a kid, and it’s definitely just as fun now. So grab the sand, you can totally reminisce about your sand art days and get some pretty sweet eggs decorated too!


Hard boiled eggs
Colored sand (here)
Mod podge
Small paintbrush
Letter stickers


1. Put a word or saying on your egg with letter stickers. 

2. Using your paintbrush, apply small lines of mod podge over the egg, and dust the mod podge with colored sand. Continue this in random lines until the whole egg is covered.

3. Once the egg has dried, remove the stickers and reveal your message.

(Fun trick: if you can’t find colored sand, take some white sand and mix it with a few drops of food coloring to color it)

How totally groovy are these?! And what word are you going to put on your sand art eggs? This is a great alternative if you’re bored of using sharpies or crayons to create pattern on your Easter eggs, and it’s just as easy too! What other Easter egg decorating projects do you want to see?

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