DIY Spring Flower Covered Backpack

You know Spring is here when we bust out the flowers! It’s been so warm here lately (which is crazy for NYC this time of year) that I’ve been having to turn on the AC in the studio. With all of the warmth and sunshine, I’ve definitely got Spring fever, and what better way to celebrate the return of Spring than by showing you how to add some colorful flowers back into your wardrobe with this DIY flower covered backpack?! This one is so much fun to make and totally in the spirit of the season. So tuck away those Winter coats and your Winter wardrobe, and DIY your way into Spring!!

Fake flowers
Backpack (I got mine here)
Craft tacky glue or super glue


1. Remove the fake flowers from the stems by either cutting them off or pulling them off. Try to cut off as much of the stem as possible so the flowers lay flat on the bag.

2. Put glue on the back of the flower and position it where you want on the bag. Press and hold down for a minute to keep it in place. 

3. Repeat these steps, filling in the bag with as many flowers as you’d like. Allow time for the glue to dry and you’ve got a fun new bag for Spring!

I wish I would’ve had this backpack when I was in school! I can already tell this is going to be my Spring/Summer staple accessory. I mean, you can’t be anything but happy when wearing a bag covered in colorful flowers!

Outfit Details:

Flower Heels // Flower Shift Dress // Flower Hair Clips // Backpack

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