DIY “Sponge” Cake April Fools Prank

I’m showing you how to make a delicious sponge cake today…April Fools!!! I AM showing you how to make a “sponge” cake, but it’s not the kind you’re thinking of because this one is made with real sponges for the tastiest looking fake April Fool’s Day cake. (It may be tempting, but don’t try to actually eat it! Ha!) You should probably have a real cake lined up too, because whoever you give this to is going to be sad there isn’t real cake. I know I would be! Set this on the table in the morning and watch a sleepy roommate try to figure out what’s just a little off about this cake slice. It’s super easy to make, so check out the how-to below!


Large yellow sponges
Triangle template
Hot glue gun
Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry frosting


1. Trace or draw a triangle onto your sponge. I got two layers of cake out of one sponge. 

2. Cut out the triangles and set aside. 

3. With your cardboard, cut out one triangle per slice of cake that’s the same size as the sponge piece.

4. Hot glue the slice of cake together with the cardboard in the middle. 

5. Cover the top and short end of the sponge with frosting. And make sure to cover the cardboard strip as well. 

6. Decorate it how you would with a normal slice of cake, with sprinkles and piped frosting and serve it to your April Fool’s Day victim!

Do you have any fun pranks lined up this year?! And if so, who is your unknowing victim? I probably won’t pull any pranks tomorrow, but I’ll definitely get a laugh when my boyfriend comes home from work today and sees these “sponge” cakes!

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