DIY Girl Gang Jacket

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I talk a lot about how important I think it is for girls to support each other. And at one point, I may have mentioned wanting to start a “Girl Gang” of sorts where everyone is invited to join and empower one another. Soooo, I figured we definitely needed some a girl gang jackets, right?! I’ve made this project easy peasy AND I’m giving you the template to cut out your own glitter letters, so you can make your own jacket and join the girl gang too!! Girls support girls!


Bomber jacket (I got mine here)
Gold sparkle iron-on vinyl
Scissors or a Silhouette Cameo
Additional patches
Cotton cloth


1. Download the Girl Gang letters to make your own jacket here. If you are using scissors to cut out the iron-on vinyl, trace the template onto the vinyl and cut it out. If you are using a Silhouette Cameo, insert the file into the cameo and proceed.

2. Follow the instructions on the vinyl and remove the excess gold vinyl from the clear backing so that you just have the letters on the sticky clear backing. Make sure the area on your jacket where you are placing the letters is flat, and position them in place.

3. With your iron on the cotton setting, place a cotton cloth in between the vinyl and your iron and press down on all areas of the design until they are stuck. Test to make sure all areas are stuck down by slowly removing the clear backing. If an area of the design lifts up, place the clear backing down again and continue ironing. 

4. Once everything is stuck in place, remove the clear backing and go over your design with a cotton cloth and iron for a few seconds once again. All to cool

5. Add additional iron-on patches with the same cotton cloth, iron method for extra flair! 

So who wants to join and start supporting each other?!!! Everyone’s welcome, and we’ve got really cute pink jackets so that’s a plus. Ha! And speaking of girls supporting one another, my awesome friend Sarah of Daisy Natives makes these “Girls Support Girls” t-shirts which would go perfectly with your jacket!

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