Emojified! DIY Emoji-Patterned Easter Eggs

I always try to do at least one emoji tutorial every Holiday, mostly because they’re my favorite type of tutorials, but I’m also kind of obsessed with some of the smiley faces. The laughing crying one speaks to me on so many levels! Ha! Soooo we’re showing you how to say it with emojis through your Easter egg decorating this year. I’ve always tried to draw on Easter eggs, but my drawing skills are sub-par, so this is an easy way to put an image on your eggs without having to hone in on your illustration skills. Find the how-to below, and get ready to emoji-ify your Easter!! (Extra points if you spot our fries before guys emoji reference!)  


Masking tape
Tracing paper
Inkjet printer
Emoji printable (here)
Hard boiled eggs
Mod podge
Small paintbrush 


1. Cut your tracing paper to the size of the cardstock and tape it down. Feed it through your inkjet printer and allow to dry completely. 

2. Cut out the emojis as close to the image as possible. 

3. Place a small amount of mod podge on the egg with your paintbrush. Put the emoji on the mod podge and press down to get it to stick. 

4. Paint mod podge over the emoji images. Make sure to not put too much mod podge or it will cause the ink on the image to run.

5. Allow to dry completely, and you have yourself an emoji-patterned egg!

Which emoji egg is your favorite?! I’m crazy for the unicorn one, but the sparkling heart emoji will always be my all-time favorite. And if emojis aren’t your thing, why not try your hand at a sand art eggs for the Holidays?

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