DIY Emoji Bean Bag Chair

Do you guys remember this smiley face chair?? Well after buying it, I was hit with the idea to do this EMOJI bean bag chair! And I obviously had to put my favorite emoji smiley face on it. We’re totally bringing bean bag chairs back guys, and in emoji form too! I’m ready to ditch my sofa and just have all of my seating options be different emoji bean bag chairs. Ha! I can’t get over how silly this thing looks when nobody is sitting in it (see below). It looks like the funniest giant jelly bean. Anyways, this one is so easy to do and it’s a game changer for your decor, so check out the how-to! 


Iron on vinyl in blue, white, and black
Drawn out template of the emoji face you’re using
Yellow bean bag chair (here)
Small cloth


1. Measure out how big the area is where you want your face to go. Draw out the emoji face onto a poster board and cut out the features to use as your paper template. 

2. Using the template you just made, trace the eyes, eyebrows, and 1/2 of the mouth onto black iron-on vinyl, the tear drops onto blue, and the other half of the mouth onto white. Cut all of it out.

3. Place all of the black pieces on your bean bag first. Make sure it’s as flat as possible before you start ironing. Mine had beads inside so I couldn’t take them out, but if you are able to take out the inside part, take that out so you just have the outer fabric shell.

4. Follow the instructions on your iron-on vinyl to iron down the first pieces. Make sure to put a cloth or a t-shirt in between the bean bag and your iron. Continue this for the teardrops and the white part of the mouth.

5. Set it up in your room and lounge away!

What’s your favorite emoji smiley face? The tongue sticking out with one eye open and obviously the heart eyes are up there on my list!

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