DIY Emoji Beaded Necklace

Last year I made a BUNCH of these colored wooden bead necklaces (seriously, that was all I wore!), and when I was researching emoji necklaces and couldn’t find any to my liking, I thought I should make my own with wooden beads! And the results are definitely what I was looking for! Remember the emoji Christmas ornaments I made?? Well these are made the same way, but instead of ornaments we’re using beads. I think I’ve found my go-to Summer statement jewelry, guys!! Find out how to make your own below!

Wooden beads (here)
Yellow acrylic paint
Vinyl adhesive (here)
Small paintbrush
Oven bake clay for other beads


1. Place the bead on the end of a skewer. (This is the easiest way to paint it without getting paint on your hands) Paint the bead until it is completely yellow. Allow to dry.

2. Cut out the emoji face shapes in vinyl adhesive and stick them onto the bead. 

3. Make other beads out of oven bake clay if you so desire.

4. String everything onto a string and tie it off! 

Which emojis are you going to put on your necklace? I feel like wearing the smiley face showing his teeth today because I’m excited for Friday tomorrow!!!! And if you want a matching emoji bag, find out how to make one here!

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