’90s Sleepover Party + DIY Magic 8 Ball Balloons

I’ve been wanting to do some kind of sleepover party post for a while now, and when I was browsing Amazon and came across this inflatable chair, I knew it had to be a ’90s flashback party! Plus, I’d been hoarding these crazy black spherical balloons, and what else would you turn a black sphere balloon into than a MAGIC 8 BALL?! My sources say you are going to love this post because it was definitely one of my favorites ever to shoot! And not only am I showing you how to make your own magic 8 ball balloons, but I’ve linked to everything in this post at the bottom, so you can host your own ’90s sleepover with all of your gal pals too.


Tracing paper
Masking tape
Black spherical balloons (here)
Spray adhesive


1. Either draw your magic 8 ball design on a piece of tracing paper or attach it to a piece of cardstock with masking tape and feed it through your printer. You can download my pre-made magic 8 ball design here.

2. Cut out the design as close to the edge as possible. 

3. Spray the back of the design with spray adhesive in a well ventilated area, over a scrap piece of paper or a trash can.

4. Stick the “8” design on one side of the balloon and the blue triangle on the other side of the balloon. Don’t worry if you get some wrinkles. Since you’re putting a flat object around a sphere, that’s bound to happen. 

I’m a ’90s baby, so I remember growing up with my lava lamps and my see through phone. Ha! I totally tried to buy Girl Talk (do you remember that game?!) for this post too, but it’s crazy expensive now!! Who knew that’s one thing we should have kept to sell 20 years later?! What other types of sleepovers or just parties in general would you want to see? And don’t forget to check out all of the sources below so you can host your own ’90s party.

Lip Phone // Hamburger Phone // Smiley Face Chair // Lava Lamp // All Other Balloons // Emoji Pillow // Donut Pillow // Hamburger Gummies // Magic 8 Ball // Glow Sticks

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