DIY Rainbow Sticker Cake

I’m SO excited for this project!! I’ve been seriously slacking on other blog posts the last few days because I wanted to make sure this one was perfect. I was totally one of those kids that covered my notebooks, phone, and mirror in stickers, so when I had the idea to cover a cake in EDIBLE stickers, I was just about to go crazy from excitement! AND I got to make my first ever rainbow cake just for this occasion. I don’t think I ever want to eat a normal colored cake again. Get the sticker downloads and the how-to below! 


Edible decorating sheets (here)
Edible ink, fits Canon printers (here)
Inkjet printer (or you can have a grocery store make them)
Sticker images download 
Cake to decorate

1. If you want to print your own images, load the edible ink into an inkjet printer. Make sure the printer is cleaned out so that no normal ink remains. 

2. Feed the edible decorating sheets into the printer and print out the sticker images.

3. If you don’t want to print your own images, most grocery stores with a cake section will print out images for you so you can take the sticker file to them and they will print it. 

4. Cut out the stickers with a clean pair of scissors. Cut as closely to the images as possible so you don’t see too much of the white paper.

5. While the cake icing is still sticky, place the stickers all around the cake, making sure to press them in a bit so they don’t fall off later. 

Are you just as convinced as I am that an edible sticker cake is 200% better than a normal cake?! You can use any images you want too, so this would be a fun one for a themed birthday party. You could cover the whole cake to fit the theme! Oh, and make sure to download the stickers I made below if you want to use those!!

DOWNLOAD your free, printable stickers here!!!

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