DIY Flair Temporary Tattoo Balloons

Patches and pins (aka “flair”) have become collectibles around here lately. (Psst, enamel pin Valentine’s Day cards!) And although I don’t have enough pieces of flair to cover my jacket, why not put flair on other things too? Like balloons! I know, I know, this idea is a little out there (putting patches on balloons, what?), but you could basically put whatever you want on a balloon with just a little tattoo paper and some water. So those times when you’re searching for the perfect balloon for your party, why not just make them?! Plus, I get to share with you some of my favorite artists and places to buy flair, and I always love a good excuse to plug my favorite small businesses. Find the how-to below and the sources for the images I used!


Tattoo paper
18″ round foil balloons
Balloon string
Wet paper towel or sponge
Helium tank


1. Following the instructions on your tattoo paper, print out your favorite pieces of flair. Make sure to reverse the images before printing. 

2. Cut out the tattoos as close to the image as possible and remove the plastic backing. 

3. Place the tattoos image side down on an deflated balloon and press the back with a damp paper towel until the paper backing peels away and the image remains on your balloon. 

4. With a dry paper towel, dab off any remaining drops of water. Continue until the whole balloon is filled with flair.

5. Inflate the balloon with a helium tank and tie off with a string. 

The best part is that you could even use store-bought tattoos or stickers on these balloons, so sticker away! To find the real, iron-on versions of the patches I used, click the links below. These shops also sell enamel pins too, so be prepared to spend a lot of money. Ha!

All images of flair from: 

These Are Things // Little Arrow Shop // Big Bud Press

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