DIY Broken Heart Valentine’s Day Piñata

Myself and a few other Brooklyn creative ladies are hosting a Galentine’s Day party this weekend sponsored by the awesome gals, so it was necessary to make a sassy broken heart piñata, and I’m going to share with you how to make one too! All of the anti-Valentine’s Day people out there raise your hands! This one’s for you. You still have time to finish this up before the weekend, so bust out the hot glue gun and let’s get piñata making!


Chipboard or cardboard
Hot glue gun
Pink metallic mylar paper
Fringe scissors
White paper


1. Draw two broken hearts on your cardboard that are 24″ in diameter. Cut them both out.

2. Cut out a strip that is 4 inches wide and long enough to go around the edge of the heart. Cut a small flap in the strip so that you will be able to fill the piñata up with candy later. 

3. Hot glue everything together, with one heart glued to one side of the 4″ wide band and the other heart glued to the other side. 

4. Cut out 2″ wide strips out of your metallic mylar paper and fringe them using your fringe scissors. 

5. Hot glue these to the front and back of the piñata and trim away any excess. Then glue the fringe to the side, and again, trim away any excess.

6. Cut out large letters out of white paper (I chose to make mine say “nope”) and hot glue those to the front of the piñata. 

7. Fill it up with candy using the flap you made and enjoy!!

Photography & Creative Direction: Aww Sam // Project Execution: Nova Megantara 

Other ideas for broken heart phrases include: Nah, Not Happening, Best Friends Forever. Are you guys Valentine’s lovers or haters? Weigh in in the comments below! I love Valentine’s Day colors, but none of the mushy romantic stuff that’s associated with it. Ha!

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