DIY 90s Heartthrob Valentine’s Pins On Keiko Lynn

Since this is my last Valentine’s Day post of the year (although I may decide to post some photos from our Galentine’s party this weekend), I obviously had to go out with a bang and make something for all of you 90s babies to give your BFFs! Sooo 90s HEARTTHROB PINS!!!! I know you were all just waiting until the day you could own a pin with teenage Leo’s face on it from his Romeo and Juliet days, right?

Find the full tutorial on Keiko Lynn! And don’t be an Angela Chase and tell everyone you’re “so over Jordan Catalano,” because we all know you’re not. Ha!

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  1. Hi, I love this and it would be a perfect craft for our galentine's day party! But I can't seem to find the tutorial. Would you be able to post a link?

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