Mwah! DIY Lip Patterned Manicure

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching (doesn’t it feel like Christmas was just yesterday?!), I wanted to show you how to add some Valentine’s spirit to your nails! SO I teamed up with Gracie again from The Editorial Nail for this fun lip patterned mani. This time we can totally kiss and tell!! Now, I’m not the biggest fan of all of the romance and lovey-dovey parts of Valentine’s Day, but any excuse to put mini lips all over your nails, and you’ve got me sold! Find the full how-to below, I promise it’s way easier than you think!


Light pink, medium pink, and hot pink polish
Base coat and top coat
Precision nail art brush
Weave glue
Wooden cuticle stick


1. Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles, filing and shaping nails, and removing any previous polish.

2. Apply an even base coat over the nail and allow to dry. Once that is dried apply two coats of polish to all of your nails except for the one that you will be putting the large lip on. Apply only one coat of polish to that nail. 

3. Using the weave glue and a wooden cuticle stick, draw a lip shape on your accent nail. Allow for this to dry completely. Once it has dried, apply the second coat of polish over the whole nail. 

4. While the second coat on your accent nail is drying, take a small nail art brush and draw lips onto your other nails using the medium pink and hot pink polishes. It’s easiest to draw two lines on the top and a half circle underneath first and then connect these to form lips. 

5. To finish your accent nail, take the medium pink or hot pink polish and trace over the area where the weave glue is showing. 

6. Allow all nails to dry completely and apply a top coat. 

Nails by Gracie J. of The Editorial Nail

How fun are these?! Make sure to check out Gracie’s other nail creations over on her Instagram account! And remember that time we did a googly eye mani?? Googly eyes aren’t only for Halloween, right?

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