Pin It! Enamel Pin Valentine’s Day Printables!

In my o-PIN-ion, you guys are the best!! I’m SO excited to share with you guys what Kristen from Hello Kristen Long and I have been working on the past week. (She’s the one who did the amazing Palm Springs print from my Palm Springs recap, remember?!) Anyways, Kristen and her husband just started a new company, In Company, that sells the cutest cards, wrapping paper, and ENAMEL PINS!!!! So we only thought it was fitting to make enamel pin Valentine’s Day cards that you can print out below and give to all of your best gal pals. You’ll need to go buy In Company’s avocado toast pin to put on your Valentines too, you guys will freak over how cute it is! The download link for the printables and ALL of the pin sources from this post below! Get to stickin’ those pins on your backpacks and jean jackets!!

I can’t get that Madonna song out of my head now. Ha!

Donut and Sprinkle Jewelry Dishes: MEKU Designs

Pizza, Smarties, Ice Cream Cone: Greenwich Letterpress // Banana, Hot Pink Car, Emoji Heart: Big Bud Press // Giraffe: Bouffants and Broken Hearts // Unicone, Heart Glasses: Little Arrow Shop // Snacks Heart: Yard Sale Press // Boba Tea: P & C Poolside // Sad Cat: Cat Rabbit // Instagram Likes Bar, Donut: These Are Things // Pretzel, Cactus: Peas and Needles // Smiley Heart, Hot Air Balloon: // You Tried, Forever Stamp: Adam JK // Police Car: Laser Kitten // Pie: Jane Koo // Sombrero, Hair Dryer, Shells: Darling Distraction // Best Babes: The Good Twin // Emoji Girls, Phone, Donut w/Arms, Honey Bear, Black Cat, Light Pink Car: Valley Cruise Press // Typewriter, Color Wheel: The Uncommon Place // Record Player: Black Dress Wild Heart

*The rest are vintage from Oriental Art Gallery in San Francisco

P.S. The cutest greeting cards ever!! 

P.P.S Studio DIY had the right idea with Valentine’s cards this year too, and did a crazy cute printable for all of your flair needs, so if you’ve got patches you want to give and not just pins, head on over to check those out!!

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