9 PJs You Need To Keep Your Cool And Stay Cozy

When I’m not doing a photoshoot, I’m in pajamas 90% of the time. If you follow me on Snapchat, this is no surprise to you. (I’m actually wearing pizza PJs while I type this. Ha!) And since I’ve been seeing cute pajamas everywhere lately, I’m rounding up 9 of my favorites so you can keep your cool even when you’re dozing! Plus, most of them are food-related puns, so you know I definitely approve of those ones!

1. I Do I Donut // 2. Love At First Bite // 3. Pastel Cactus Print // 4. Coffee Pancakes Waffles // 5. Dream On Stripes // 6. Fries Before Guys // 7. Emoji Smiley Face // 8. That’s How We Roll // 9. Le Breakfast

And if you need some cute slippers too…

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