2015 Recap: 10 Favorite Moments & Projects of 2015


First of all, Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all ended 2015 and started 2016 with a bang. 2015 will always be a big year for me. It’s when I graduated from college, started Aww Sam, and started this blog. I am constantly amazed by what I’ve been able to accomplish in just these 7 short months since starting Aww Sam, and I really just have all of you to thank! My goal when starting all of this was just to inspire others to create, and I’ve been floored to see so many of you making my projects (and doing an amazing job as I might add)! This crazy year hasn’t been easy at all, and all of your support has been a huge help. As I’m starting a new journey in 2016, there will be some BIG changes with the brand, so stick around, I’ll definitely be making an announcement soon. Since 2015 will forever be special, I wanted to get together some of my favorite moments and projects from the year as a last hurrah and share some goals I have for 2016 and beyond.


1. Palm Springs Vacation

This was possibly my first real vacation and definitely my first time I’ve been to California. I don’t travel much, so going to Palm Springs was a huge change from living in New York. I constantly miss this place (I’ve never experienced so much color in one place!), and I hope I can visit again in the new year!


2. Flamingo Wall Hooks

This is still my most viewed project from 2015 and this was one of the first projects I’d ever done! I loved making these and they’re still on my wall. One of them is currently holding up a bunch of emoji heart necklaces. Ha!

3. Cotton Candy S’mores

Ah, the start of my cotton candy addiction! I remember buying a small tabletop cotton candy machine on Amazon and I was amazed that I could just make cotton candy all day. And then, I got a cotton candy cart, which was probably one of my favorite things to receive this year!! It’s pink, so it obviously fits in well at the studio, and who doesn’t want a cotton candy CART?!

4. Moved To A New Studio

One of our bigger milestones in 2015 was that we moved!! And with the move, came my studio space and GIANT ceilings, both of which were things I was desperately in need of in our last place. I’ll probably be moving again very shortly, but this space will forever be my favorite!



5. Searched For Color In A New Neighborhood

I also found color in Brooklyn for the first time! I used to live further into Brooklyn, so being closer to Manhattan and artist areas means more murals and more colorful spots!! This giant yellow gate got a lot of use in 2015, and I’ll definitely be using it again in 2016.

6. Rainbow Funfetti Donuts + Donuts Galore

2015: the year of the donut. I made SO many donuts in 2015, I can’t even count how man dozens I made. These rainbow funfetti donuts were definitely my favorite (and your favorites too!). I’m predicting that 2016 will see a continuation in donut popularity, and if not, I’ll still be making donut anyways!!

7. Emoji Ghost Balloons

I got to do Holiday projects for the first time! Now that Holiday season is over, I am realizing that I have the most fun doing Halloween and Christmas things, and that I’m going to have to wait another year for all of it to roll around again. Ahhh! You guys were OBSESSED with these emoji balloons and they made their rounds on the internet (and I still see them pop up occasionally even now!)

8. Painted Pinecone Table Runner

In addition to contributing to Brit + Co, Keiko Lynn, and Design*Sponge, I also started contributing to A Subtle Revelry, which is where this pinecone table runner tutorial can be find! I had a blast setting up my first party setting, and seeing how well received this one was, I was inspired to keep doing table settings! It’s one of those secret loves I didn’t know I had!! (Blogger secret: parties rarely actually take place after one of these shoots. Ha!)

9. DIY Hamburger Ornaments

Christmas!!!! I got a pink tree last year, I had the most fun doing Christmas projects, and I did A LOT of ornament tutorials. I kind of got addicted to making ornaments. These hamburger ones were definitely my favorite and probably the easiest to make!

10. DIY Confetti Tray

I thought I’d finish the list off with a recent project I did for Brit + Co. It’s quickly become one of my favorite shoots and it’s so crazy to me to look at how much my photography has improved throughout the year. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed all of my projects just as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them!

What do you guys want to see in the new year?? More food post, more home posts, more beauty??? Let me know in the comments, I’m always eager to hear your feedback! And as for my goals for 2016…
I’m working on a new website so I hope to have that up soon, I want to slow down and blog less (quality vs. quantity), definitely go on more vacations, spend a little bit more time taking care of myself and less time working, and watch more films!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And get ready for Valentine’s Day projects next!


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  1. I wanted to drop by and say how talented and brilliant you are. You are sooooo inspirational and you bring light to everyone with your clever projects.I think I can speak for all when I say that seeing your posts and your Instagram brings so much happiness to my day! Your quality is excellent! From one artist to another, YOU ROCK! Keep up the "AWW-SAM" work (see what I did there ^_^) I think you have a perfect balance of everything however, I personally would love to see more beauty because you always look flawless and your threads are on FLEEK! I wish you the best of luck and hope for all of your wishes to come true in 2016. Please relax, I can tell how hard you work and TRAVEL more YES YES YES and take us with you. We are all rooting for you. Thank you for this beautiful, colorful, and inspiration happy space on the internet.



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