10 Iridescent/Holographic Things You Need

So I’ve developed quite the iridescent/holographic collection lately (see above), and I am totally on board with this trend coming back! We saw the return of the koosh ball last year with those amazing Asos shoes everybody has, and so throwing it back to holograms and shiny fabrics seemed like the obvious next step. Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite iridescent/holographic things that you need to get your Spice Girl on and pay tribute to this 90’s throwback trend!

1. Sandals // 2. Tote Bag // 3. Pencil Skirt // 4. Oxford Flats // 5. Thermal Drink Mug // 6. Watch // 7. Sneakers // 8. Cross-body Bag // 9. Skater Skirt // 10. Nail Polish

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