How To Make A Cake Replica Of Your Christmas Tree

First of all, Merry Christmas eve eve everyone!! This will be my last post for the week before taking a much needed break until January. I’m spending a week back home in Michigan before we head off to San Francisco for a few days. (Don’t worry though, I have a few New Years posts for next week!) 

Now onto business! When Whole Foods reached out and wanted to make a custom cake for the Holidays, I knew I had to show you all how to make a replica of your Christmas trees by using their Christmas tree cake and DIY-ing some ornaments to put on it! In case you haven’t seen my (pink!) Christmas tree this year, here’s a photo for reference. I decided to go with a food ornament theme and ended up making pineapples, burgers, and tacos to hang on my tree. And I even made a pizza tree skirt for the base! It’s so easy to decorate one of the incredible Whole Foods tree cakes with replica ornaments with just a little bit of time and fondant! I think I got my cake looking pretty close to my tree, eh? Find out how I made the little donuts and pretzels below!!


Whole Foods Christmas tree cake
White fondant
Gel food coloring 

1. Color your fondant in every color that you may need using the gel food coloring. 

2. For the pretzel, I rolled the fondant into a snake and folded it the way you would a real pretzel. I then wet the top with a little bit of water and dipped it in white, round sprinkles. 

3. For the donut, I rolled a beige piece of fondant into a ball and squished the ball to form a wheel shape. I then cut a small whole in the middle with a toothpick and rolled out some pink fondant for the frosting. 

4. To make normal ball ornaments, roll your colored fondant into a ball. Roll a very small piece of fondant into a ball and place it on top. 

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