DIY Panda Gift Wrap On Keiko Lynn

Guys, it’s total PANDA-monium here because of these adorable panda presents! Since I know how much Keiko loves pandas, and I hadn’t done a wrapping paper project yet, I wanted to put some pom pom ears and a cute little face on some gifts to make these panda presents. And I’m not sure if the results could be any cuter! I don’t know if I’d even care about what’s inside the gift, the wrapping would be a gift in itself!! You should probably go get some more gifts, because you totally want to make these adorable little panda gifts now, right? Follow the link below to Keiko’s blog for the tutorial!

Skirt: Space 46 Boutique | Shoes: American Apparel

Find the full tutorial on Keiko Lynn and make your presents un-BEAR-ably cute this year!

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