DIY (Fun!) Novelty Snow Globes

I LOVE the Holiday season, but I’m not a red and green kind of gal (mint and pink are more my style), and I’d rather have a room full of palm tree leaves than mistletoe leaves. Let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of decorating with store-bought items for Christmas. Anddd I’ve definitely been known to DIY some silly Holiday decorations (cough, pizza tree skirt), SO we’re showing you how to take your typical snow globe and give it a fun, little twist! That’s right folks, we put a pineapple in a snow globe and I’m definitely going to want to leave these out all year ’round!! This is super easy to make and a great DIY to bust out during the Holiday party. Everyone can leave with their favorite novelty item inside of a snow globe! What are you waiting for, find the how-to below!


Scupley clay or oven-bake clay
Empty snow globes (here and here)
Glitter or fake snow
Glycerin (here)
Clay tools
Super glue 
Waterproof epoxy (here)


1. Using the Sculpey clay, make the pieces to go inside of your snow globe. For the pineapple, make a pear shape out of yellow and use a pointy clay tool to put the gridded pattern on the surface. Flatten a piece of green clay and cut out leaves. Bend the leaves slightly and connect them to the top of the pineapple. 

4. For the donut, roll out a big wheel shape in beige, cut scalloped frosting out of pink, and sprinkles out of many different colors. Cut a hole out of the middle. 

5. For the pretzel, roll out a long snake in gold, and fold it the same way you would a real pretzel. Make tiny balls out of white and push them onto the pretzel for “salt.”

6. For the cactus, make a large cylinder with a rounded top. Make two more smaller cylinders just the same, bending these in half to make the cactus arms. Connect the cactus arms to the body and cut out small rectangles out of white for the needles. 

7. For the hot dog, make a cylinder with a flat top and bottom. Push one of your clay tools into the middle of it to make the hot dog “bun.” Roll out another cylinder with pink for the hot dog itself. Top with a very thin yellow snake for “mustard.”

8. Set your oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the clay for 12 minutes. Take a look at it periodically to make sure none of your pieces are burning.  

9. Once the clay has cooled, follow the instructions on your PC-11 Epoxy to adhere the clay piece to the base of the snow globe. 

10. Add 1/2 teaspoon glycerin and 1/2 teaspoon glitter to the dome. Fill the rest of the way with water. 

11. Put super glue around the threads of the snow globe base and screw the base onto the dome, immersing your clay piece into the water. Make sure no areas are leaking and have fun with your new snow globes!

Are you ready to “shake things up” this Holiday season and make some fun snow globes?! I know I definitely want to make a flamingo one and an ice cream cone one before Winter is over! What are you going to put inside of your snow globe??

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