DIY Emoji Ornament Wreath

I wasn’t going to let Christmas pass without doing 1 more emoji project! This one is great for a last minute party decoration or even if you just want to leave it up all year ’round. (I know I want to keep mine up even after Christmas is over). I’ve never been the biggest fan of the traditional red and green colors, and I’m always dreaming of a pink and yellow Christmas, so this is the perfect additional to my apartment Holiday decor. Grab your hot glue gun, you’ve got a very emotional wreath to make!!


Plain ornaments in various sizes
Yellow spray paint
Hot glue gun
Foam wreath

1. Follow the steps I did over on A Subtle Revelry on how to make emoji ball ornaments.

2. Spray paint the rest of your ornaments yellow. 

3. Once they are dry, start hot gluing them onto your wreath. Start with the larger balls and then fill in empty areas with the smaller ornaments. 

4. Hang on your wall and have a little bit of an “emotional” Holiday!

Are you ready for things to get a little “emotional” at your house? Which emojis would you choose to decorate your wreath with? My emoji of choice is always the laughing crying one! Ha!

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