Disco Ball Donut Holes For New Years

AHHHH, New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, I can hardly contain myself! I got back to New York yesterday and rushed over to the baking store because I knew I had to make these DIY disco ball DONUT HOLES before 2016 rolled around. It feels like it’s been forever since I did a donut tutorial (and I’ve never done a donut hole tutorial), so when I had the idea for a disco ball donut perfect for the donut hole, I knew it was time to whip out another #donutworrybeawwsam project!! Plus, I had just ordered a million disco balls on Amazon, so what better props for these photos?! The full tutorial is below and they’re super simple to make, which means you still have time to finish these up and add to the dessert table for tomorrow!


White fondant
Black or gray gel food coloring
Rolling pin
Your favorite donut holes
Paint brush (that you haven’t used with paint)
Edible silver spray paint (here)
Small cup of water


1. Color your fondant gray with the gray or black food coloring and roll it out to 1/8″ thickness. 

2. With the paintbrush and water, wet one side of your rolled fondant.

3. Drape the wet side of the fondant over your donut hole and smooth out over the donut. Cut off any excess fondant. 

4. Roll the rest of your fondant back out to 1/8″ thickness and cut small squares out of the fondant to make the mirrored pieces on the disco ball. Wet the fondant on top of the donut hole. 

5. Place the squares in a row on the donut and continue to do so until the whole donut is covered. 

6. Put down an old tea towel or a piece of paper (the edible spray will stain since it is like food coloring) and spray the whole donut with edible silver spray paint. Allow to dry completely and enjoy!!

What are your plans for NYE?? Have you DIYed anything for your party yet? Now’s your chance! And if you do decide to make disco ball donut holes this year, make sure to tag them with #donutworrybeawwsam on Instagram so I can see!!

P.S. Mini disco balls

P.P.S Even mini-er disco balls

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