Weekend Round-Up!

I worked on this painted pine cone tablerunner this week for A Subtle Revelry and it’s been so fun seeing it pop up all over Pinterest and Instagram. This is my first time photographing a party setting and I definitely think I need to do it more often! (via Instagram)

Have you been enjoying the Thanksgiving projects?! We have a few more planned, but then we’ll be moving onto Christmas (so all of you Christmas lovers, get ready)! We also just signed off on a bunch of really exciting projects, so you’ll want to stick around to see those too. In other news, a bunch of stuff is being redone in the studio this week to get it ready to be rented out, so if you have an event or a class you want to teach and need a space to teach it, definitely send me an email and we’ll talk about hosting it in the Aww Sam studio!! Hope you guys are enjoying some pie this weekend (places started selling it this week), and if you’re in New York and want to know the best pumpkin pie, we’ve got you covered!

Other places to find Aww Sam this weekend: 

You still have three more days to buy my picks from my guest editor week at Brickyard Buffalo
I’m so excited to be a new contributor for Brit + Co and here’s my first post!
Check out this painted pine cone tablerunner I made for A Subtle Revelry
I’m going to be taking over the Mollie Makes Instagram account this weekend so stay tuned!

Links to die of cuteness and laughter for:

Found your go-to Christmas sweater for this year
This bag is shaped like a pizza and it’s covered in glitter, so for obvious reasons, you need it
I live in New York, so I might be biased, but this new Kate Spade taxi bag is everything
Any shoe with a pom pom is a-okay in my book and these have four
You can buy Modernica shell armchairs here now, and I obviously want all of the pink ones
Christmas lovers, here’s one for you. A glitter Christmas-tree shaped handbag
I think everyone should have a pair of gold boots for Fall

Things to make and desserts to devour:

This is a really great read by Alison about putting yourself out there online and how to deal with negative feelings
I know you want to see photos of never-ending pie, and you can do just that here
Start making your advent calendars because this pom pom one is super cute
How about DIY turkey party hats?? Definitely a fun projects to do with the kids
Pumpkin pie flavored donuts that look like turkeys. Doesn’t get much better than that for Thanksgiving!
If you’re as bad at taking care of plants as I am, you might want to make this adorable paper tree

Have a great weekend!

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