Weekend Round-Up!

It’s time for sweater weather here finally! And I wore this cactus elbow patch sweater that I made for Brit + Co out for the first time this week. I’m pretty sure you can’t have a bad day when there are cacti on your elbows! (via Instagram)

We’re starting to move onto Christmas next week! If there’s anything in particular you guys want to see, let me know and we’ll be sure to come up with something fun. I’ve already got a whole list of ideas, and we’re going to try to get through all of them before Holiday season starts to roll around. It’s Holiday, after Holiday, after Holiday! Next we’ll be talking about New Years! Oh, and before I forget, a month from today on December 13th, I’ll be doing a Holiday cookie decorating workshop with Keiko of Keiko Lynn at Brooklyn Brigade, so be sure to keep checking about tickets. (And I’ll definitely keep you updated about everything via Instagram.) I can’t wait to meet you guys! And eat some cookies with you, of course!

Other places to find Aww Sam this weekend: 

I made a cornucopia pinata for Friendsgiving and it’s over on Brit + Co now
I’m going to be taking over the Mollie Makes Instagram account this weekend instead so stay tuned! 
And there’s a special offer for Mollie Makes I’m giving you, so you can get 3 issues for 3 pounds, go check it out

Links to die of cuteness and laughter for:

You need this sweater for Christmas. I know I will definitely be getting it
This is on sale and it’s a lilac jacket, so why don’t I own it yet?
Metallic gold pants?! Yes please, these are basically a Holiday staple item
Hold the phone. I found disco ball cups. You can drink out of these disco balls
I bought these iridescent cups yesterday and I don’t think I could have made a better decision
Because who doesn’t need a silver cross body bag that looks like a camera?
Pink velvet shoes. Now I’ll be singing blue velvet but replacing blue with pink all day

Things to make and desserts to devour:

These fabric flowers are so pretty and perfect for your Thanksgiving table
You know how much I love puns and these punny leftover bags are winning my heart
Paper pie boxes?! These might be the cutest pumpkin pies I’ve ever seen
We all know you need an emoji heart bag and here’s how to make one
Mini turkey leg cookies should be your Thanksgiving dessert of choice
For all of those colder nights coming up, you’ll need to make this “let’s snuggle” pillow

Have a great weekend!

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