DIY Emoji Turkey Leg Balloons For Thanksgiving

Since you guys went CRAZY for the emoji ghost balloons around Halloween, I thought it was time to turn one of my favorite emojis (but one I don’t get the chance to use) into a balloon for Thanksgiving! The TURKEY LEG!! That’s right, we took a balloon and turned it into a turkey leg. I know how silly that sounds, but these are super easy to make, and it turns out balloons are already the perfect shape turkey leg shape. AND now you get to use that coveted emoji way more often!

Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving yet?! Well I do (I may even like it more than Christmas shhh), and when we were shooting these last week I needed to run out and get myself a turkey club right afterward because these babies were making me anxious for some Thanksgiving food! Find the how-to below! But beware, because you’re going to be wishing for November 26th to come sooner once you see these. 


12″ balloons in brown, gold, and ivory
Very lightweight printer paper
Construction paper in matching brown, gold, and ivory
Hot glue gun


1. Inflate your balloons. You want to put everything on them after they are inflated.

2. Cut scallop patterns out of your colored construction paper that are about 3″ wide. 

3. With the white printer paper, draw out a bone that is 8″ long and 2 1/2″ wide. Add a 2 1/2″ wide rectangle directly next to the bone. Add another bone, and then another 2 1/2″ wide rectangle. We are going to be turning this into a rectangular prism. Cut this out.

4. Fold up the bone to form a rectangular prism and secure with hot glue. 

5. Thread the balloon string through the bone prism and hot glue it to the bottom of the balloon. 

6. Take the colored scallop piece that matches your balloon and hot glue that slightly above the bone, going all the way around the balloon. 

7. Decorate your Thanksgiving party!

How cute would these be around your Thanksgiving table?! And for all of you vegetarians, this is a great way to have turkey without actually having turkey! Ha! And we have showed off the donut version of a turkey earlier in the week, so we’ve definitely got you covered in the turkey department! 

If you want more Holiday party ideas, make sure to follow my Pinterest board, Party Hard!

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