DIY Peppermint Candy Balloons

I came up with this project idea in the Summer after doing research online and finding a less than cute peppermint balloon at a party store (it didn’t look like a peppermint at all, and it didn’t have the cute wrapper detail), so I’ve been waiting until the Holiday season to break out the tissue paper and revamp the peppermint candy balloon! And I’m obsessed with the results! This is definitely an easy one, and a great way to decorate for your Christmas parties. You and these balloons were totally “mint” to be! Move over emoji ghost balloons, I think the peppermints have stolen my heart. Find the full how-to below!


18″ white foil balloons
Tissue paper in red, hot pink, white, and light pink
Spray adhesive or hot glue


1. Using a triangle template, trace 6 triangle peppermint swirls onto the colored tissue paper.

2. Cut out the swirls and apply glue to the back. Place down the first swirl, making sure the point is in the middle. Press down to secure. Apply the remaining triangle swirls, leaving about a 2″ gap in between each.

3. For the candy wrapper, cut a piece of tissue paper in half and then in half again so you’re left with about a 12″ x 6″ rectangle. Bunch up one end. 

4. Spray spray adhesive on that end and attach to the side of the peppermint balloon. Do the same for the other side.

What other Holiday decoration ideas do you want to see?! I have a few more ideas for Holiday balloons and one of them might be an emoji…(hint, hint). Cross your fingers they all work out! And on an unrelated note, I hope everyone’s ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

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