DIY Hamburger Holiday Tree Ornaments

It’s no surprise we love food-shaped anything around here, and I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas ornaments (I mean, there are so many options)! We haven’t done too many projects involving burgers yet (these mini donut hamburgers are the only one on our docket so far), so we wanted to show you burger-lovers how to give your tree a fast-food makeover with DIY HAMBURGER ORNAMENTS! They’re really easy to make and fun project for the kids to get involved with too. Plus, I don’t know about you, but seeing mini hamburgers on my Christmas tree instantly ups my mood! Have fun, and go get yourself a real burger to munch on too so you don’t get too hungry from seeing these!!


3″ styrofoam ball (here)
Brown paint
Foam in red, green, brown, and yellow (here)
Sesame seeds
22 gauge wire
Small paintbrush 
Hot glue gun
Coping saw

1. Cut the styrofoam ball in half with a coping saw. With one half, cut and level off the bottom so it lies flat and looks more like a bottom hamburger bun. 

2. Paint both buns brown and sprinkle the top bun with poppy seeds. Allow to dry. 

3. With the colored foam, cut out two pieces of lettuce, a cheese slice, three tomatoes, and three round patties relative to the size of the styrofoam buns.

4. Take the 22 gauge wire and cut off a piece about 8 inches long. Stick both ends in the top of the top hamburger bun and puncture all the way through. Twist the ends together on the inside of the bun and press down to make them lay flat. Form a loop with the wire on the outside of the bun. This will be for hanging the ornament. 

5. Hot glue everything together starting with the two pieces of lettuce, three patties, three tomatoes, cheese slice, and then ending with the bottom bun.

6. Hang up on your tree and let everyone know you’re a burger-lover!  

I’m feeling major Bob’s Burgers vibes with this post.

What are you guys decorating your tree with this year?? We’ve already got pretzels, donuts, and pineapples on our tree, and now HAMBURGERS! So there’s definitely a food theme going on.(Big surprise. Ha!) And make sure to tag us in all of your Aww Sam Christmas creations, we love to see what our readers make!

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  1. So cute Sam! The sesame seeds just give them that extra realism. I made some Sprinkles Ornaments – didn't mean to be food themed, just liked the bright colours 🙂

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