DIY Emoji Heart Clutch

Looking through my archives, I haven’t done any sewing projects yet! I used to study fashion design when I started school, so I’ve always had a passion for sewing. And since we’ve already shown you how to add emoji heart elbow patches to your sweaters, I thought we’d show you how to make an easy emoji heart clutch too! You all know good and well I love a cool novelty clutch, but I was definitely missing an emoji one from my collection. (This project might have just stemmed from me wanting a new bag…shhh!) Anyways, this one does require a sewing machine and a little bit of sewing knowledge, but I know all of you are fabulous and will rock it out of the park! Plus, I did a very detailed how-to, so check it out below!


Print out of the emoji heart whatever size you want to make it
Thin leather or pleather
Leather paint (you can find it here
Leather paint finisher (here)
Pink zipper
Pink and yellow thread
Medium sized paintbrush 
Sewing machine


1. Print out your emoji heart template and trace the heart twice and the gold diamonds onto your leather. Cut them out with scissors. 

2. Using the leather paint, paint your heart pink and the diamonds yellow. Once dried, apply the leather paint finisher and allow to dry. 

3. Position the diamonds onto the heart and sew a small diamond in the middle to secure them to the heart with your yellow thread. Put aside. 

4. With the other heart, cut out a rectangle in the back 1/2″ smaller on all sides than your zipper. This will give you a seam allowance for sewing the zipper on. Place your zipper in the rectangle and sew to the heart with pink thread. 

5. Put both hearts wrong sides together and sew around the perimeter of the whole heart to finish off your clutch. 

6. Cut off any loose threads and rock your new bag!

I wore this bag out yesterday and got a lot of smiles, so you’ll definitely get some attention with this one! I mean, everyone loves emojis!!

For more fun fashion items and a whole lot of emoji clothing, check out my Pinterest board, Get In My Closet!

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