Weekend Round-Up!

Ice cream doesn’t have to only be a Summer staple! Get out the spoons and celebrate the weekend! (via Instagram)

This weekend is going to be packed with work, but we’ve just signed off on a bunch of fun projects and I can’t wait until I can finally show all of you! It’s kind of crazy to me that Halloween isn’t even over and people are ALREADY sharing Christmas stuff. It’s even crazier that we’re going to be shooting some Christmas content this weekend! I mean, what happened to Thanksgiving?! That’s easily my favorite Holiday, but it always gets overlooked. SO we’re going to make sure to do one or two Thanksgiving posts before all of the Christmas overload begins! But until then, have an amazing Halloween weekend and eat lots of candy!!

Other places to find Aww Sam this weekend: 

Showing you how to get your candy buckets ready with this punny post on Design*Sponge
A huge thanks to the Today Show for including my cotton candy costume in their costume round-up!
The easiest (and cutest) rainbow unicorn costume I did for HelloBee

Links to die of cuteness and laughter for:

If you need to trade in your koosh ball flats, you should get these for Christmas
Yes, I am most likely going to save up my money to buy this pink coat
Pink and glitter?! This half moon bag is definitely going to be on my wishlist
I just got my first set of gold flatware in the mail and I’m obsessed
Is this the year the bomber jacket makes a comeback? If so, I’m all over this pink bomber
Permanent balloon decoration? Ahh, give me one of each letter!

Things to make and desserts to devour:

I wish my hair looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream, how cool is this?!
Party place cards plus vampire teeth is completely genius
I know you procrastinators need last minute Halloween costume ideas, and here are six
Ghosts on your straw?! This is pretty much the cutest thing ever
I want all of my straws to have palm tree pinwheels on them
I know you like banana splits and I know you like donuts so not try both together?

Have a great weekend!

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