Weekend Round-Up!

All that glitters is…silver! Once in a while, I round up everything I can find in the studio that’s the same color and photograph it all together, so I’ve started a new series called #awwsamcolorcamouflage and you can join too! Just use that hashtag for all of your colorful photos! (As a side note, I would like my life wrapped in this iridescent paper please and thank you)

Halloween is only a few weeks away, have you figured out what you’re going to be yet? If not, may I suggest a taco or a bag of popcorn? We might have one more costume DIY up our sleeves (obviously food-related) and we definitely have some more Halloween fun for next week, but can you believe we’ve already started prepping for Christmas?! I promise we won’t be posting these for another month, but it’s CRAZY to me that it’s still 70 degrees out and we’re already thinking about December! It’s always good to get ahead though, right? What are you guys up to this weekend?

Other places to find Aww Sam this weekend: 

Thanks to Buzzfeed for featuring my flamingo wall hooks in their “projects to fill you with joy” post
I worked with Gracie J of The Editorial Nail this week to bring you a googly eye mani on Design*Sponge
Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Check out this party fan costume I made for A Subtle Revelry
Things to make and desserts to devour:
How perfect is this birthday candle costume?! I found what you’re going to be!
Gilded watercolor cake? Sign me up! Although, this looks too good to eat
This DIY candy garland should definitely be on your list of things to make for the Halloween party
And while you’re at it, make these emoji ghost balloons too
You know I love donuts, and how cute are these Spooky mummy donuts?!
If this watermelon pumpkin isn’t the cutest no-carve pumpkin you’ll see this year, I don’t know what is 
Since Fall is perfect for bonfires, how about some Halloween gummy candy s’mores

Have a great weekend!

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