Easy DIY Spooky Finger Balloons

You know how much we love balloons, and with Halloween quickly approaching we thought it would be fun to do just one more Halloween balloon DIY. In the DIY world, sometimes you make things and they don’t turn out exactly how you planned, so I was feeling a little down about these guys, but all of you on Snapchat persuaded me to show them off. SO, we’re showing you how to make these super easy witch finger balloons (plus a few more fingers) to serve as a last minute decoration for all of your Halloween parties this year! Hang them on a wall, position them under a door, or scatter them across the dessert table. All I know is that you may have 99 problems, but a witch finger ain’t one! (I HAD to. Couldn’t hold back). Find the how-to below!


Balloon animal balloons (green and white)
Balloon pump
Hot glue gun
Black sharpie 
Beige marker
Colored construction paper in whatever color you want the nails


1. Inflate the balloons. Make some shorter or longer depending on which fingers you are making. It’s okay if some of the balloon is not inflated, we will deal with that part later.

2. Cut out nail shapes out of construction paper (I did pointy nails for the witch fingers) and hot glue those to the end of your balloons. 

3. With the remaining part of the balloon that is not inflated, hot glue that down to the back of the balloon so it is no longer seen. 

4. With the black sharpie, draw knuckle wrinkles onto the fingers. You’ve got yourself one spooky balloon hand!

You can even make normal fingers too by taking a skin-colored balloon and giving it a colored manicure! I chose to give one of my hands a rainbow manicure, obviously. Ha! Use the same instructions as the witch fingers, but cut normal shaped nails instead of pointy nails. 

These are definitely a little creepy, and something I could totally see being in a Surrealist film, but I’m loving how strange they are. (I especially have heart eyes for the rainbow nails hand)!  Anddd they only take 10 minutes to make so you’re looking at an easy party decoration that will definitely have guests doing a double-take!

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