DIY Taco Halloween Costume

Guac’s on me! LITERALLY!! This is the last costume in our #awwsamcostumeparty series, so we obviously had to make it one of our favorite foods: TACOS! Taco ’bout a killer costume. I’ve got puns for days with this one! This costume is so easy to make and it’s totally perfect to wear for free burrito day at Chipotle on Halloween. (I obviously have my priorities straight. Ha!) Anyways, the hard shell cape is definitely my favorite part and I kind of want to just wear this everyday. That’s acceptable, right?? Grab the guac and the hot sauce, and read the how-to below because you’re about to be one big taco!


Brown dress (mine is from here)
Felt in green, yellow, red, and white
Hot glue gun
Upholstery foam 
Yellow spray paint


1. Cut out lettuce shapes out the green felt, strips of cheese out of the yellow felt, and red circles and half circles for tomatoes. 

2. Start out by crumpling your lettuce cut-outs in your hand to wrinkle them a bit. Position them where you want on the dress and hot glue them down.

3. Next, take the cheese and sprinkle it over the dress like you would a real taco to make the placement more organic. Hot glue the cheese in place. 

4. Scatter the tomatoes and also hot glue those down.

5. For the sour cream, cut small squares of felt and form them into a ball by hot gluing the inside and corners. Place it where you want on the dress and hot glue them down. 

6. For the shell, take your upholstery foam and mark on you how big it needs to be. Cut out a long oval shape. Drape around your body and mark where the arm holes need to go. Cut out circles for the arm holes. 

7. Spray paint the piece of foam yellow and wait for it to dry completely before putting on. 

What are your favorite taco toppings? I hope you guys have enjoyed all of the costumes we’ve shown you how to make! You’ve helped us achieve an amazing first year, and I can’t wait to see which ones you end up making! Make sure to tag us in all of your costume fun! Until next year’s costume party…

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    1. Hi Sarah!
      Since this costume is from 2 years ago, the brown dress is unfortunately not for sale anymore. You might be able to find a similar one on Asos or though! xoSam

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