DIY Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins

You didn’t think we were going to get through Halloween/Fall without showing you guys something ice cream related, did you?! I waited all Summer for the chance to be able to make these ICE CREAM CONE PUMPKINS, and now that they’ve finally come to life, I think they might be my favorite project of all time! (I know, I know, I say that about a lot of projects). BUT when you get to make a pumpkin look like your favorite ice cream flavor (it’s mint chocolate chip by the way), it’s really hard to not freak out over how awesome this is! Plus, I got to eat all of that real ice cream afterwards too, and we all know any photoshoot where you get to eat the props is a real winner!


Four medium sized pumpkins
Fake ice cream cone (here) or a real ice cream cone
Spray paint in white, mint, pink, and brown
Vinyl adhesive in pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, lilac, and brown
Hot glue gun 


1. Spray paint each of your pumpkins with one of the colors; mint, pink, white, and brown.

2. Take your brown vinyl and cut out irregular circles in all different sizes for the chocolate chips on your “mint chip” pumpkin. When the spray paint is dry, peel off the backing on the vinyl and stick the brown chocolate chips all over your mint colored pumpkin. 

3. For the strawberry pumpkin, take the pink vinyl and cut out small squares and diamonds. Stick these strawberry pieces on your pink pumpkin, spacing them out further than you did with the mint chocolate chip.

4. With the pink, green, yellow, orange, and lilac vinyl, cut out small rectangles for sprinkles and decorate your white pumpkin with them.

5. Stack the pumpkins on top of each other using hot glue to secure them together and keep them from falling over.

6. Put your scoops on top of a plastic cone (like I did here) or a real cone!

Are you on board with the no-carve pumpkin trend?! I sure am! We may even have a project involving real ice cream up our sleeves this week, so if looking at these is making you hungry for sweets, don’t fret, we’ll be bringing on the sugar even more later in the week! What’s your favorite flavor?

For more no-carve pumpkin ideas, make sure to check out my Pinterest board Trick Or Treat!

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