DIY Emoji Ghost Balloons

What’s your FAVORITE emoji?? One of my favorite emojis is the ghost. I mean, just look at how silly he is! I don’t normally get a chance to use him though, but with Halloween quickly approaching, he’s making his appearance in everyone’s Instagram posts. (I’m basically trying to use him every chance I get) So we came up with some ghostly Halloween ideas and replaced the normal ghost image with the EMOJI GHOST! And we obviously had to kick everything off with a balloon DIY! Having these little guys float around the studio was the highlight of my day. They’re still hanging up even though they’ve lost their helium; it’s the closest thing to Halloween decorations this space is going to see. Ha! So let’s get going and make some “spooky” balloons! This is one project all of you Halloween haters should love too. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE emojis?!


White 12″ balloons
Printer paper
Tissue paper
Vinyl adhesive in black and pink (I got mine here)
Hot glue gun


1. Inflate your balloons. Cut out tongue shapes, arms and eyes out of the vinyl adhesive. I printed out the emoji ghost, cut out each of its features, and traced them onto the vinyl. 

2. Starting with a 20″ x 26″ sheet of white tissue paper, cut in half vertically and then cut in half horizontally. The piece you are left with is what you will be using on the balloon. 

3. Cut a scallop along the long end and hot glue halfway up the balloon. (Almost like you’re giving the balloon a beard. Ha!)

4. Fold over a small tab on the arms and hot glue to the sides of the balloon. Make sure to not use too much hot glue on this part or it will keep the balloon from floating again. 

5. Remove the backing from the mouth and tongue vinyl adhesive stick in place on the ghost. Once they’re placed, you can’t remove them, so be careful about where you stick them down. 

6. Repeat step 6 with the eyes of the ghost. You have yourself a spooky idea for a fun Halloween party!

Are these on your list of decorations for your Halloween party now? Your guests won’t be disappointed with these silly guys floating around. And if you really love emojis, check out this post on how to get yourself ready for Fall sweater weather with these emoji elbow patches!

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10 Responses

  1. can u give more details about how to do the arms? I'm not sure wht u mean by fold over tabs etc Maybe do a quickie vid as well? thk u!!
    These r crazy cute!

    1. Thanks so much! I don't have equipment to do video, but you just need to fold over a small piece of the arm so that there is a flat surface for you to put the hot glue on. Like this:

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you need any more information! 🙂


    1. Hi Megan!
      Thanks so much! And that’s still one of the greatest mysteries to me haha! I still can’t figure out how hot glue doesn’t melt balloons either, but as long as the hot glue gun is a low heat one, it doesn’t melt anything! 🙂 xoSam

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