6 Last Minute DIY Idiom Halloween Costumes

Halloween is this week, folks! How crazy is that?! And I know there must be some other procrastinators out there who still haven’t figured out their costume. Well, we’ve got you covered with six super easy (and I mean SUPER EASY), 10-minute Halloween costume ideas. One trip to the craft store (or Amazon, because Amazon Prime is your best friend in this moment of crisis) and your costume will almost be done! AND they’re all idioms, so people will get a kick when you walk in the door as a “Party Pooper” or a “Tough Cookie” too. What are you waiting for? You could be sporting a poop emoji on your head this year! Find all of the how-to’s below!

There are serious Elton John vibes happening with that Starry-Eyed costume. Ha! You could be Starry-Eyed OR Elton John! (or Starry-Eyed Elton John)


Brown felt
Boxing gloves (here)
White face paint (for the milk mustache)
Glass of milk
Hot glue gun

1. Cut a circle out of cardboard about 6″ in diameter and cut small squares out of brown felt. 

2. Hot glue the squares onto the cardboard circle to make a cookie. Hot glue the whole thing to a headband.

3. With white face paint, draw a “milk mustache” above your top lip. You’re one tough cookie!


Star-shaped glasses (here)
Wooden stars (large and small)
Hot glue gun
Silver paint
Small paint brush

1. With the silver paint, paint a handful of large and small stars. 

2. Once they are dry, hot glue them in a random assortment to the star-shaped glasses.

3. You could even put on a silver outfit to look like one giant starry-eyed costume!


Party hat
Poop emoji cut-outs
Small honeycombs
Small balloons
Hot glue gun

1. Print and cut out images of the poop emoji. Hot glue them to your party hat.

2. Inflate some small balloons and begin to hot glue those and small honeycombs to your headband to create a party tower on your head.

3. Put on the headband and party hat, wrap some festooning around your shoulders and look extremely disinterested about parties!


Polyester fiberfill (here)

1. Break up the fiberfill into little clouds and pull at it a bit to create lumps. 

2. With your wire, create a hook on one end and hook one of the clouds onto it. 

3. With the other end of your wire, wrap around the headband until secure. Put a few more clouds onto the headband and your head will be in the clouds!


Feathers (here)
Hot glue gun
Yellow face paint (for the beak)

1. Take your feathers and hot glue them in an upward position on your headband.

2. With the yellow face paint, paint your whole nose to look like a beak.

3. Put on an outfit to match your feathers. Are you feeling bird-brained yet?


3″ foam ball (here)
Red paint
Small paint brush
Red pipe cleaner
Hot glue gun

1. With the red paint, paint the whole foam ball.

2. Once it has dried, puncture a small hole in one area of the ball and stick the red pipe cleaner in the hole. Trim the end of the pipe cleaner so it is not too long and bend it to a curve.

3. Hot glue this to the headband slightly off center, pretty please with a cherry on top!

For tutorials for our other costumes click here: taco, cotton candy, popcorn, hot air balloon! And if you end up making any of our costumes, make sure to tag them with #awwsamcostumeparty on Instagram and Facebook! Have fun and eat lots of candy!!

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