Weekend Round-Up!

AHHH, look at what came in the mail!! All of my dreams of having a cotton candy cart have finally come true! When I have my first event in the studio, you betcha we’ll be pumping cotton candy outta this baby! Thanks to Nostalgia Electrics, you definitely made this girl’s day!

We have a long weekend this weekend, guys! I will definitely keep working the whole time; there’s no vacation when you work for yourself. BUT, all of you better take some time off! I am excited to say I will be contributing to two other blogs starting this month, so things will be a little busy here until I find my footing. (And I promise there won’t be any pumpkin or Halloween DIYs until we’re well into October. It’s only September, why are there so many pumpkin things already?! Ha!) P.S. I will definitely continue wearing white after Labor Day!
Things to make and desserts to devour:
This ice cream cone gift wrap is the only thing I want to see presents wrapped in from now on
I haven’t had time to decorate my walls yet, and these party wall decals are calling my name!
Go celebrate Sugar & Cloth’s blog birthday and enter some giveaways
Look at that mini hamburger! These food-shaped cupcake toppers are perfect for your labor day weekend
Have your party and eat it too with this EDIBLE confetti!
Birthday candle garland?! This is a genius idea for decorating a birthday party

Have a great long weekend!

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