Edible Sand Art Cake

OH, we went there!!! Do you guys remember making sand art in the 90s? It was always A LOT of fun to do, but you couldn’t do anything with it once you were done. So…we took the same techniques of sand art-making, but instead of sand we used cake crumbs and made EDIBLE SAND ART! You can eat this!! You know we’re all about taking fun projects and making them edible here at Aww Sam, so this was a no-brainer! 

And I’m excited to say that I’m now a DIY contributor over at A Subtle Revelry, so head on over there to find the how-to and the recipe! This is one cake you’ll be begging for on your birthday! Plus, there’s no hassle of perfectly frosting a cake (let’s be honest, none of us have the amazing cake frosting genes), so it’s even fun to make!

Make sure to check out my Pinterest boards Party Hard and All of the Sweets to find more cake and party ideas!

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