DIY Mini Edible Party Hats

At every party there’s always one thing that feels a little left out and a little less festive, and frankly in need of a party hat, and that’s your DESSERT! So we’re bringing the party to your favorite foods and your favorite foods to the party because we’re making mini EDIBLE party hats out of ice cream cones!! I’ve been dreaming up this project for a while, and I couldn’t wait to actually make it (mostly because I thought it would be the silliest thing ever for donuts to wear party hats). And boy, was I right! We figured some of you guys might have desserts that are in a party kind of mood too, so we’re giving you the step-by-step below. It’s super easy and you’ll be able to eat the party hats afterwards too (they’re just ice cream cones and frosting) as a reward for doing such a great job!


Mini ice cream cones (these or these)
Star decorating tip
Wilton color mist (here)
White chocolate melts

1. If you’re using the marshmallow ice cream cones, cut off the marshmallow part so you’re left with just a cone. (Feel free to eat the marshmallow, I definitely did)! 

2. For the pink, orange, and yellow “party hats,” spray the cone with Wilton color mist until it is completely covered. Allow to dry.

3. For the sprinkle hat, melt some white chocolate over a double boiler. Once melted, roll the cone in the chocolate and then roll the cone in the sprinkles. Set in the refrigerator until the chocolate has dried.

4. Attach a star decorating tip to a piping bag of icing and pipe a rim and pom pom onto the top of the hat. Allow icing to harden before moving the party hats.

5. Invite your favorite desserts to the party and give them a party hat!

Are you ready to throw your desserts a party yet?! I know next time I throw a party, I’m going to give everything a party hat; the balloons, cups, and all! Have fun and don’t end up eating all of the party hats before you decorate! Ha!

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